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Air Purification

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Organic and Zero VOC Paints

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Organic Mattresses

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» Organic Mattresses

Living a natural life starts at home. EcoClean has a complete line of products that can help transform your home into a safe and toxic free environment. Going green might be an option to some, but is our way of life.


The first step in living a lifestyle is breathing quality air. We have a full line of indoor air purification systems that will ensure the air your family breathes is cleaner. Our air purifying systems are designed to take out most toxins from the air, making indoor allergy relief possible. In addition, they eliminate the spread of germs that will infect the whole family.


Have you ever heard of an organic mattress? Our natural latex mattresses are completely organic and made with all natural components. If what youíre looking for is asthma relief, then you have to have our organic mattress as most dust and other allergens can imbed into our mattresses. Our organic bedding will resist all of the germs and bacteria that most store bought mattresses will spread. Our mattresses give you the piece of mind of being non-toxic and give you the comfort of extremely expensive traditional mattresses.


Cleaning products can help kill germs and give your house a nice appearance, but often as you clean, you are actually spreading germs throughout your home. We have everything to ensure that you can have the tools to make sure your home is clean and toxic free. From hard floor care to bathroom cleaners, we have it all. Not only are our natural cleaning products safe for you to use, they are also great for the environment.


Donít hire a company to pollute your house just to get rid of some pests and insects, most pest control methods require harsh chemicals. Our organic pest control products can help you reclaim your house without having to put your loved oneís health at risk. You will find on our site a lot of information of living a green, healthier life and without having to change your everyday routine. Call us today to set up a consultation and to receive a full inspection with many money saving tips.


Have you ever researched some of the products you use everyday to clean your home? Most normal household cleaners are not only harmful to the environment but can expose your loved ones to some of the most toxic chemicals known to man. As we all know, reading the labels of cleaning products can be difficult, as we usually have no idea whatís actually in the bottle. All of the products we carry are artificial fragrance free. With taking artificial fragrances out of our products, we are removing most of the harmful chemicals that can cause long term health defects to humans and animals.


Carpet fibers can trap in almost any kind of dirt and germs, so donít replace the dirt and grime with harmful chemicals. Without being full of harmful chemicals and dye, our eco friendly rug cleaners will properly clean your carpet the natural way without compromising the color and texture. We also have non toxic wool carpet cleaner available. No matter what, youíre main goal is to live a toxic free life and with our products, this is possible.


EcoCleanís non toxic cleaning products are not only strong enough to clean average american households but also commercial buildings. Our products can help transform your business into an environmentally friendly cleaning company. In addition to our cleaning products, our healthy home carpet cleaners work to rid of any sort of allergen known to man. Please take a few moments and browse through our Eco friendly home cleaners that will keep your home clean of dirt, grime and toxins.

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